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Note: American Love Affair does not have a political posture. The only position we take is one that is Pro-American. Supporting American small businesses, manufacturing (both advanced and low-end), and exports is not a partisan issue. It is in everyone's interest to strengthen our economy and workforce.

One America News Network

Noelle Nguyen and Robert Radi of Pepperdine University's PKE Advisory Cooperative have a dialogue about the virtues and perils of capitalism:

Human Events

President Ronald Reagan's favorite read, Human Events, profiles American Love Affair:

One America News Network

Noelle Nguyen and Ira Gabriel of Pepperdine University's PKE-MBA program surmise that it would behoove the U.S. to attract and retain highly skilled immigrant workers:

One America News Network

Pepperdine University's PKE-MBA C-level students offer their views on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur:

The American Spectator

Aaron Goldstein ponders whether Noelle Nguyen can get us to buy American again:

The Jon Justice Show

As a legal immigrant to this country, Noelle Nguyen is asked about her opinion on the current immigration debate. She proffers that it's not a one-size-fits-all solution, and presents pragmatic ideas for reform:

Pajamas Media

Noelle Nguyen pens a love letter to Americans on Valentine's Day, 2014:

Sochi Olympics Controversy

Not only does Burton produce all snowboarders' uniforms overseas, but Nike and the official U.S. Olympics Committee (USOC) also import all their official merchandise. But why? Are they tone-deaf?

The Rick Amato Show

China is buying up Detroit's distressed assets, from real estate to auto manufacturing companies. Many Americans feel uneasy about this because the move might expand China's economic and political influence on the U.S. Noelle Nguyen and Demos Vardiabasis, Ph.D., join the new One America News Network and Rick Amato to debate the pros and cons of Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI):

The Union Edge

Few could imagine that unions would be opposed to China's FDI into the U.S. After all, shouldn't labor unions be proponents of job creation for Detroit's 200,000 unemployed residents? Charles Showalter of The Union Edge, labor's talk radio, and Noelle Nguyen debate the merits of Chinese investment:

Forbes Magazine

Throughout this would-be U.S. economic recovery, job creation has not matched what it has been in prior recoveries and incomes are under pressure. Noelle and her team are using the power of the Internet and e-tailing to drive awareness and retail sales of American made products. That means jobs and incomes here in the US, and shows the difference that small business can have here in America:

Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show

It's important to look past the reasons why corporations are restoring manufacturing to the U.S., and instead appreciate the fact that they are re-shoring. So instead of attacking corporations' motivations, Americans should be strategic and encourage the behavior:

Powertalk with Chris Versace

From Powertalk: Fostering U.S. Jobs and Manufacturing with American Love Affair's Noelle Nguyen: While many businesses and entrepreneurs are using the online world to enhance their businesses and profits, few are also setting out to return manufacturing and jobs to the United States. One such company doing so is American Love Affair, an e-tailer that deals exclusively in goods made here in the United States:

Agenda 21

Noelle Nguyen reasons with Paul Preston and Agenda 21, who believe that the "totalitarians are here". She breaks down why China's investment into bankrupt Detroit is a net positive for the U.S., and why China should not be feared as a major economic or political threat. Also, why might there never be another major war?

The Laura Ingraham Show

The most powerful female talk radio host in America and NYT #1 Best Selling Author gives a strong endorsement to American Love Affair's mission and vision. "I support what you do, Noelle," says Laura Ingraham. This segment was abbreviated because show producers lost connection with Noelle, but listen to the staunch support here and look for Noelle Nguyen on Laura Ingraham's show in the new year.

The Mike Huckabee Show

On the Mike Huckabee Show, home to former presidential candidate and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, host J.D. Hayworth masterfully facilitates an interview with Noelle Nguyen that delves intimately into her inspiration for building American Love Affair. J.D. Hayworth is a former congressman from Arizona and Senator John McCain's opponent in the 2010 senate race.

The Jim Bohannon Show

2013 Talk Radio Lifetime Achievement Winner Jim Bohannon asks, "Couldn't someone make it easier to find products made proudly in the USA that, in fact, means it? It turns out somebody has: Noelle Nguyen of American Love Affair." What else does Jim say to get Noelle's temperature rising?

The Union Edge: Labor's Talk Radio

Charles Showalter (former president of the National Homeland Security Council) and Noelle Nguyen discuss ways labor, industry, and government can work together to restore employment (and dignity) to displaced American workers:

Inside Edition's Rita Cosby

Noelle Nguyen talks to the 3x Emmy winner and former MSNBC and Fox host about why consumers can help themselves by buying American: they effectively make up the labor market, which benefits from job creation:

Kevin Jackson's The Black Sphere

Kevin Jackson thought he questioned the "timing" of ALA's buy-American campaign, but wound up being a huge supporter, and gave Pepperdine University a free commercial, to boot:

The Bill Cunningham Show

Bill Cunningham puts Noelle Nguyen on the hot seat. He queries about her connections to Vietnam, her inspiration for building American Love Affair, and freely admits his resentment toward the Communist regime in the post-Vietnam-War era:

The Bill Meyer Show

Noelle Nguyen tells Bill Meyer that there is an epidemic of a lazying and entitled youth culture in America, which is a big threat to our future economic prosperity and national security:

Bryan Preston tells the most moving story about Noelle Nguyen's inspiration for American Love Affair. She also expounds, “Income mobility overseas means workers are demanding higher salaries, and with that, they’re demanding American-made products."

The Blaze Network's Rick Salcedo

Chris Salcedo of The Blaze network examines the merits of supporting American goods. Noelle Nguyen also names other resources through which we can find American-made goods:

The Blaze interview video

WABC New York

2x NYT Best-Selling author and WABC host Jason Mattera talks to Noelle Nguyen about manufacturing trends and how we can create 200,000 jobs. From the immigration debate to worst-dressed members of congress, nothing is off-limits!

Noelle's interview with WABC

ABC's Profile of American Love Affair

Ric Romero visits ALA amid a photo shoot and strolls through a local factory. "American-made goods can certainly help the U.S. economy. A local clothing company is doing what it can", says anchor Mark Brown.

ABC Los Angeles profiles ALA

American Love Affair's Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

See the hilarious and acclaimed comedy video supporting ALA's first crowdfunding campaign. "Every man wants an American Love Affair. Give him one."

ALA's crowdfunding campaign

America's News Network

Noelle Nguyen joins America's News Network to talk Black Friday. She also shares that people often mistake "American Love Affair" online dating site:

ALA and Black Friday

Bill Meyer Show

Noelle Nguyen says First Lady Michelle Obama can create 100,000 jobs, and that offshore manufacturing, for many companies, has become a function of habit, not of necessity:

Mrs. Obama can create jobs

Human Events--Politics & Current Events

ALA's feature article at Human Events, President Ronald Reagan's professed "favorite" periodical:

Human Events article

Fashion Blogs

Fashion and lifestyle blogs strongly support "Made in the USA" products:

Fashion Blogs

California Apparel News

ALA's feature article in California's largest fashion trade publication:

Made in America TV

Made in America TV calls Noelle Nguyen "a proud and inspiring entrepreneur" and a "great American patriot:"

Made in America TV

WABC New York

Author, talk show host, and Human Events Editor Jason Mattera interviews Noelle Nguyen, one of the "most remarkable people" he's "ever met:"

Noelle's interview with Jason Mattera

Pepperdine University

Noelle Nguyen talks about ALA and reflects on her time at Pepperdine University and the exclusive Presidents & Key Executives MBA program, of which she is a graduate, with Launch! magazine. She acknowledges her incredible professors and is asked about advice for entrepreneurs:

Pepperdine's ALA article

ABC-7 Los Angeles Write-Up

Noelle Nguyen tells ABC, "We look for products that are not only made in the USA, but they have to provide a true economic value, i.e., they have to be brought to market at a favorable price point that's comparable to goods that are made overseas."

ABC Los Angeles write-up

Fashion Publications and Celebrities