About American Love Affair

This Is a Story about a Love Affair with America

America has a sexy new ally: Fashion.

At a time when our country is in economic peril, we stand for America by supporting brands that are designed, developed, and manufactured in the U.S.A. In this hyper-competitive global environment, local brands need all the support they can get in competing and thriving.

OUR VISION: Play a hand in the revival of American productivity by using fashion as a vehicle and ecommerce as an engine, thereby bringing renewal to the "Made in America" label around the world.

OUR MISSION: Offer everyday Americans one ecommerce destination from which to purchase expertly crafted American-made fashion products. We are expanding rapidly to fulfill our mission of becoming the online destination for all things American-made.

We continually scour the market to bring our customers some of the best-kept secrets in fashion. But fashion isn't enough: Our brands must pass the litmus test of providing a true economic value in comparison to peer brands in their respective categories. This demands continuous improvement on our part to stay abreast of market trends and happenings, and to engineer partnerships that ultimately lead to win-wins for all parties involved. We ask for your patience as we work hard to expand our selection to cater to discriminate tastes. We encourage you to shop the site, send us feedback, and most importantly, join us in moving beyond rhetoric and buying only American-made.

WHY BUY FROM US? Will we always have the lowest price? Simply put: not always. Many of our competitors have volume buying power that gives them a natural competitive advantage. Of course, this sometimes means they exert enormous pressure on small, local vendors fighting to stay alive. We don't always provide the best price but we do ensure--through sustainable business practices--that our customers get value for what they pay for hard-to-find, domestically made brands. [read more]